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Headquartered in Lençóis Paulista, São Paulo State, the Lwart Group is a private held industrial conglomerate that conducts its business in line with sustainability guidelines, providing the market with products and solutions people’s daily lives

The Lwart Group companies operate in used motor oil collection and re-refining .

Over 40 years of innovation, growth and continuous reinvestment translate into stability, enduring partnerships with customers and suppliers, appreciation for our employees, and corporate responsibility.

Lwart Group

Our Mission To promote sustainable enterprises based on our values and competencies, thus ensuring value for investors, collaborators, clients and the communities where we are present.

Our Vision To position our company as one of the most competitive our sectors and to be recognized for our entrepreneurial spirit and the capacity to create value.

Our Values

To conduct ourselves in an honest,
transparent and ethical manner.

The ability to identify
and implement opportunities.

To be consistent, prudent
and balanced.

To invest in the growth of our
collaborators, respecting diversity.

The ability to introduce new
ideas and solutions.

Act today, taking care
of the future.

To value simple and practical



The Lwart Group's history amplifies the courage and perseverance of its founders, serving as inspiration for everyone to follow their dreams. In 1952, with funds from working in the family grocery store and their father's support, the brothers founded Trecenti Indústria e Comércio Ltda., where they made doors and windows and provided labor for building sugar and ethanol refineries in the region. Later, the brothers moved on to producing farm equipment, truck bodies and trailers for transporting sugar cane.

In the 1960’s, business growth led the brothers to purchase an iron rolling mill, and they started producing rebar for construction, metal structures, and farm equipment such as planters and chains.

With their growing metal fabrication business, the brothers were already serving customers from other Brazilian states, and on a business trip they came across the activity that originated Lwart Lubrificantes, the Group’s first company: collection and re-refining of used motor oil. The family's own metal shop built the equipment for its first plant.

Lwart Lubrificantes Founded in 1975, Lwart Lubrificantes had an initial processing capacity of 80,000 liters/month, with a single manifold supplying production. With increased demand, more resources were required to expand production capacity. The solution came when a customer sought out the brother's shop to set up a re-refining plant in the state of Paraná, and when a group of businessmen from the state of Bahia was interested in building another plant.

Earnings from these two plants enabled the construction, in 1976, of a new Lwart industrial park at the site where the company is currently located. The brothers then decided to close the metal shop and fully dedicate their enterprising spirit to the used motor oil collection and re-refining market.

Corporate Governance

Anticipating the needs that its growth would generate, in 1997 the Lwart Group started developing a governance structure based on the best practices of entrepreneurial families focused on business longevity.

In August 2012, this model was recognized by an important award, created to pay tribute to the work of companies showing excellence in family and business systems management. The Lwart Group's governance model is based on a balance between the so-called "three circles": family, property, and company.

Each circle needs to have its own structure, rules, and decision-making processes. Additionally, the model has rules for the interfaces between each circle. In the family sphere, a Family Board was created to suggest rules for the family and its relationship with the companies, and to teach members how to be good shareholders. In the ownership sphere, a shareholder agreement defines principles and rules and the Partners’ Board acts as a forum for discussing subjects related to the Shareholder Meeting, such as large investments, debt limit, mergers and acquisitions.

Corporate governance focuses on managing the Group's companies and its structure aims to define clear roles and to ensure an effective and transparent decision-making process.

The CEO reports to the Board of Directors and submits annual business plans, major investments, and strategic actions to its approval. In 2009, the company underwent its first management transition, an important step in the Group's history.

Business Management Structure

Each Lwart Group company has its own operating structure (production, sales, distribution). However, administrative support is provided by the corporate departments, namely: Human Resources, Management Systems and Processes, Supplies, Systems, Finances, Accounting, Legal, and Corporate Marketing.

Social Responsibility

Ever since its founding, the Lwart Group has contributed directly and indirectly to the development of communities.

The Lwart Group reaffirms its values and takes an active role in national social-environmental development, with actions involving the generation of jobs, income, taxes, and social investments.

In addition to supporting organizations that foster education, sports, and environmental awareness, the Lwart Group also manages its own Social Projects. The goal is to give young people in Lençóis Paulista (SP) and vicinities opportunities for enhanced education, incentives for social engagement, and to establish solid foundations for developing citizenship.

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